3 Winning Strategies for Patient Intake in 2021

Part 1: The Move to the Cloud - How Texting & Telehealth Transform Patient Interactions

Patient intake is the first step in the patient journey, and the ability to deliver a safe, touchless experience for patients coming in for care has never been more important. Patients need to feel confident as they schedule appointments, and they need to show up on time and prepared. 

As the healthcare industry is starting to turn a corner after a rough 12 months, the ability to effectively leverage digital technology at patient intake will directly impact patient experience, financial performance, and business operations.

In Part 1 of this webinar series, we will discuss the growth in patients’ desire for text messaging and enhanced mobility amid the pandemic. We will explore how improving digital communications can help eliminate cancellations and confusion, while meeting patient expectations.

Key learning objectives: 
•    Ways to use text to improve patient intake workflows and reach patients where they are
•    How telehealth and cloud-based platforms allow patients and providers to work together beyond the walls
•    Understand how to transform your registration experience, and create the convenience patients want and the data health systems need