HINDSIGHT 2020: Examining the Instability of Elective Procedures

Part 2 - COVID-19 Brings eConsent to the Forefront at King’s Daughters Medical Center (KDMC)

Thursday, March 25th - 1:30 PM Central

Despite the challenges, the pandemic has also uncovered meaningful opportunities for hospitals and health systems to establish pathways to prevail. In part two of our series, Carl Smith, chief information officer at King’s Daughters Medical (KDMC) will share his first-hand experience in empowering clinicians through technology during the high-stress time of the pandemic. Gain insight from the recent Info-Tech’s CIO Award recipient and his thoughts on the pandemic’s lasting influence on patient experience, staff workflow, and overall core processes, such as informed consent. 

The webinar will focus on KDMC’s lessons learned and key successes during the pandemic, highlighting: 

  • The strategies that enabled KDMC to prevail through the cancellation of surgical procedures in 2020 
  • The power of seamless data integration with their EHR, MEDITECH
  • The efficiency and safety gained with going mobile in a COVID-19 world
  • The measurable impacts an electronic informed consent process brought to their organization