How Healthy Is Your Consent Process?

Examining patient, staff, and financial impacts

Wednesday, June 29th at 12pm CT (30-minute webinar)

Dessiree Paoli, MBA
Director of Product Marketing
Interlace Health

Your business is all about health. (“Health” or “Healthcare” might literally be your middle name!) Yet your paper-based consent processes may not be very healthy—and their negative symptoms can lead to unhealthy outcomes in patient experience, staff experience, and financial performance.

Join us June 29th to discover a new way of looking at your organization’s consent processes. We’ll examine:

  • The true budgetary costs of paper-based consent processes
  • How paper-based consents can undermine patient experience
  • Why most staff members strongly prefer digital consenting

A healthy consent process can contribute to the well-being of your entire organization. Learn more on June 29th—register today!