Webinar Recording:

How Forms Processes Can Improve ASC Patient Care




Dessiree Paoli, MBA
Director of Product Marketing
Interlace Health

Your nurses and other staff members are essential to your ability to deliver first-rate patient care. Yet ASCs have been struggling to keep good people ever since COVID hit in 2020. Recent studies have found that these shortages may have negative impacts on patient care. 

How can ASCs overcome staff shortages? Improved forms processes can help by saving time and reducing busywork. Join Dessiree Paoli as she explores how digital solutions can reduce the burden on your staff and let them focus on improved patient care.

This webinar will help you:

  • Understand how a digital forms-on-demand process saves staff time and enhances information exchange
  • Learn how automated printing reduces time finding the right forms for registration
  • Appreciate the value of a forms committee and a digital forms library