New Year, New Processes

2 Tips for Forms Automation Success in 2022


Hospitals and health systems are preparing for the start of the new year while the fear of a COVID-19 variant knocks at their doors. On top of that, they are experiencing unprecedented staff shortages across departments, with 18% of workers having quit since the pandemic began and another 12% getting laid off. As a result, a critical New Year's Resolution for hospital leaders is to find ways to eliminate resource strains and improve processes. 

This is where Interlace Health can help. We take a critical, but cumbersome process – such as data collection and forms processing  and make it quicker, easier, and less costly. In this webinar, we showed you how we make this possible and how your health system can turn enhanced document automation into a resolution that sticks into 2022 and beyond. 

In this webinar, we discussed: 

  • Why a digital forms library should be at the top of your to-do list
  • How simple EHR integrations can have a big impact
  • The benefits of on-demand printing
  • What the impacts of automation are on your staff and on your budget