Cyberattacks and COVID-19

Is Your Health System Prepared for Downtime?

The pandemic has certainly generated a wave of new technologies that are completely changing the practice of modern medicine. Telehealth, virtual check-ins, and electronic forms completion from home are becoming the norm – and most patients and staff have embraced these changes with open arms. But this new era is not without its challenges. Quickly pushing more patient information to the cloud has opened doors to new vulnerabilities to cyber-attacks that have had yet to be considered. As a result, you could find yourself in an unexpected downtime situation.

Downtime events in healthcare organizations can directly impact patient safety, revenue, staff productivity, and the patient experience. HIPAA regulations require organizations to “establish procedures to enable continuation of critical business processes…while operating in emergency mode.” Yet, 43% of downtime procedures not being followed or not in place (JAMIA study).

The silver lining? There is a solution to help health systems be prepared to operate during downtime. Join our upcoming webinar, where we will discuss how Interlace Health’s Downtime Solution enables staff to continue to admit patients and complete required forms while the main HIS system is down.

Key learning objectives:

  • How to maintain an automated and efficient workflow to register new patients during downtime, and get that information quickly into your EHR when you are back online
  • How easy it is to maintain continuity of care with clinical documentation during downtime, and how to leverage an eForms library
  • What a downtime process looks like in action