Case Study: Singing River Health System

Singing River Health System Saves Time and Cuts Costs with an Electronic Informed Consent Process

Learn how Singing River Health System took a multi-phased approach to roll out Interlace Health’s Informed Consent Solution throughout their health system. 

Singing River found Interlace Health to be the right solution for them due to the ability to easily automate and digitize the process of informed consent, customize consent forms and experience seamless integration with their EHR, Epic. With the end-users being namely clinicians, usability and adoption were key factors in their choice to partner with Interlace Health. 

“Interlace Health checked the box for all of our needs: customization, compliance, usability, integration with Epic, it had all those pieces. One of our driving factors was the ability to have dynamic forms. Forms that we could edit, update, checkbox, type in, whatever the case, and then have them signed and fed back into our EHR.” - Janell Goff, Information Systems Project Manager.

Since going live with Interlace Health, Singing River Health reports an average of 10,000 digital forms completed annually, and estimated a time saving of 500 hours annually that were previously spent prepping and scanning informed consent forms.